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14th October 2020 Issue no. 529

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Lockdecoders USA will be at Just Cars showing the new Miracle A9 and the MiraClone

MiraClone.jpgLockdecoders USA is proud to announce that we will be at Just Cars being held in Las Vegas May 3-4, 2013 at the Las Vegas Speedway, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Come and meet our USA team! On hand will be Jim Kennelly from Cleveland, Ohio, who runs our North American operation along with Todd Hogan from Phoenix, AZ,  Ray Martinez from San Diego, California, Iain Hume from Scotland UK, Andy Fagan from North Wales,UK, who will be running the evening advanced soldering and eeprom classes with Jim Kennelly and Peter Southern. Ray Martinez will be demonstrating the KeyLogic line of Penloader EEPROM devices at the LockDecoders booth during the event. 

There will also be a few other surprise people on the booth to help and hopefully we can answer all your questions and give you the right information that you need in the autolocksmithing side of our business.

All of us are practising autolocksmiths so we do know what is needed and what is not. We are all experienced professionals and very knowledgable to answer whatever question you may have. 

We will be showing our new Miracle A9 all in one device key cutting machine, the new addition to our key cutting stable of machines along with our Miracle A5. You will be able to cut domestic, dimple, auto and tubular keys with the new Miracle A9 machine and all that is needed is to change the different jaws with the Quick Release System.

Also we will be showing the MiraClone. The worlds leading transponder cloning and eeprom device with more than 308 eeprom modules which comes down to 1319 different cars. This is a feat that no other device can claim.

What is a MiraClone?

A MiraClone is a specialised and versatile device which allows a locksmith to copy the chips [transponders] which are in the head of most modern keys for cars, vans, trucks and motorbikes.There are 3 ways in which you can use a Miraclone:

1. Chip copying 2. Chip generating 3. Eeprom functions

What do we mean by the word transponder?

It is the same as a chip. The word is made up from Trans-mit and Res-ponder. Most vehicles from 1996 onwards have security devices to stop theft. They use the transmit and respond technology to allow the engine management system [ECU] on the car or the immobiliser to reply to the chip in the key or remote key. The ECU understands a code which has been entered on [programmed] to the chip in the key. They must match or the vehicle will not start.Not all vehicles use the same type of chip – there are many different ones. Some basic chips can be programmed to work with different manufacturers systems – that is chip generating.Chip copying.This is also called transponder copying, cloning or duplicating – they are all the same process. People just use different words for the same thing.

What do we mean by chip generating?

It is the method which MiraClone uses to convert standard chips to match the special requirements of various vehicle makes and models. What it means to the locksmith is that you do not have to buy keys with chips from the manufacturer or main agent but instead you have a small box of chips and buy blank shells. There is a huge difference in your cost on a job. Most of the new vehicles are using "encrypted" [made secure] technology. Manufacturers such as Ford, Mazda, VW, Audi and Toyota lock the chip to make it unreadable for copying. MiraClone can unlock most of these because of our advanced technology. MiraClone recognises which manufacturer it is, reads the chip, unlocks the chip [we use several ways to do that] and so makes it ready to copy to a new chip.

Eeprom reading

Lastly we can do still more by "eeprom reading" – brilliant if there is no key to copy from. An eeprom is a tiny electronic circuit which is in the ECU or immobiliser device. For that you need an eeprom reader – there are many on the market and they are not expensive. They will read the data about the key so that the Miraclone can use that data to code a new chip. The quality and capabilities of eeprom readers are getting better every year. Miraclone is a bolt-on solution. You start with the base unit and add only the functions that you need. Those functions come as Packages which have lots of modules in them. Each module is a model of car or van or truck or bike. So our Package 4 does all of the chip generating. The Basic Cloning Package sets you up to be able to bolt-on various packages such as Package 1 – TPX2 chips as used by Ford, Toyota and others.

Another bolt-on is the Package which allows you to copy 8C chips for Mazda, Proton and Ford Ranger. We have others. None cost a lot of money and all are UPDATED FREE OF CHARGE as we improve our systems. We see no end to the number of eeprom packages that we will produce because we have continual research as new car models come along. That research also enables us to add to older packages and again if you have bought one of those all UPDATES ARE FREE OF CHARGE so you are always getting new techniques. The base unit does fixed code copying and can even copy some encrypted chips. Bolt-on Package 2-0 and you are ready to add modules for all sorts of eeprom work. If you want to do Japanese bikes there is a package, Toyota is another, Hyundai/Kia, Chinese cars, USA cars, Trucks - they are all among the over 20 packages we can offer and those cover over 1300 models of car, truck, van and motorbike. And remember FREE UPDATES.

Very special is the 8C chip copying package which allows you to copy chips for Mazda, Proton and Ford Ranger. It was thought for a long time that this would never be possible and we are the first in the world to offer this. It copies onto a simple carbon chip of our own manufacture. All of the chip generating is contained in our Package 4 but we supply this free to any user who has original AD100Pro, TCodePro or MVP Pro. Not the Chinese copies as our system does not "see" them.

www.lockdecoders.com / www.justcars.us

24th April 2013

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