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21st October 2020 Issue no. 530

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Camargus signs strategic agreement with MidworldPro to deliver "full field" panoramic camera system for security and broadcast applications.

* panorama.jpgCamargus, a pioneer in the field of ultra-high resolution panoramic camera systems has signed an agreement with MidWorldPro, a highly respected video solution provider based in Dubai, UAE to offer its video technology for a range of security and broadcast applications across the region.

The Camargus Panoramic Camera System is currently deployed within sporting stadia environments to captures the entire field using continuous recording from an array of cameras. All camera feeds are stitched together seamlessly without any distortions allowing either real-time operators or post production editors a virtual 'pan-tilt-zoom' across the entire stadium. The system is fully autonomous and can be used for both real-time and post-game analysis.

"When we were first demonstrated Camargus in 2012, we were stunned by the quality and flexibility of the system but it was clear that there were potential security applications for the technology as well," explains Adnan S. Fatayerji, CEO for MidWorldPro, "The demonstration was timely as we were working with a client within the region that needed a method of viewing and analysing scenes in sensitive areas such as border crossings, airports and other public areas. The client was frustrated by the limitations of traditional CCTV technology but Camargus potentially offered a revolutionary method of solving many of these issues."

Capturing and analysing a wide area scene using traditional CCTV technology requires multiple cameras often with mechanical pan tilt and zoom capability plus several highly trained operators. The ability to identify and collate information from the scene such as number plates, facial recognition or movement is also hampered by the inability to track objects and people as they move between the individual camera views. In addition, recorded footage sits in multiple silos that are not easily accessible by a single analyses process.

* selected.jpg"In our test, we were able to capture video from an entire area as a single continuous view and through integration with third party applications, we are also able to identify individual objects and people through scene analytics and automated visual biometric data," explains Fatayerji.

MidWorldPro has already installed an initial pilot system for an influential security advisory group within a government department of a Gulf State. A second system has been installed at MidWorldPro offices in Dubai for demonstration and application development purposes.

"The Camargus technology has a completely open API and a great deal of built in intelligence to allow us to integrate security applications that remove the need for an active camera operator while still able to secure and analyse areas spanning over 10,000 square meters with a level of detail that is simply not possible from any other CCTV system," explains Fatayerji, "We are now working with our own development teams and third party suppliers to create solutions to address a wide range of security use cases."

Email [email protected] or visit www.midworldpro.com

20th March 2013

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