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23rd September 2020 Issue no. 526

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"Is this one of yours? It looks like one, but I'm not sure it is...

That's what a number of Roto customers have been asking recently, with regard to their TSL espagnolette. As with any market-leading product, there are inevitable imitations.

It happens in every industry. From well-known tablet computers to fizzy cola drinks, there's usually one, original brand and a whole host of similar products that are close, but not quite the real thing.

The fabricators who called Roto had been supplied with an espagnolette that looks very similar to one of theirs, but isn't. Here are some of the questions they asked about what might happen if they used the alternative, and what Roto were able to advise them:

"I've had my windows tested with Roto hardware on them. Will that certification still be valid?"

No, it won't. Changing to an alternative hardware product will mean your window will have to be submitted to the relevant standards authority for re-test.

"If I fit an alternative espagnolette, but still use Roto strikers, will you guarantee them?"

Again, no. Our warranty has always stated that Roto hardware must be used in accordance with our specification, otherwise it is null and void. This includes the use of Roto strikers in conjunction with non-Roto espagnolettes.

There are some other things to consider too. Any alternative products, whatever their corrosion resistance rating, will not be coated with our RotoSil Nano surface finish. It is exclusive to Roto.

"What are the advantages of your surface finish?"

RotoSil Nano has been developed by Roto to provide our hardware with the highest levels of protection and corrosion resistance. Because it uses nano particles, the surface is also more resistant to scratches and other damage that can occur over the lifetime of a window. That's a benefit for you, and also for your customers too.

"I'm in the middle of a contract. Can I still get Roto TSL?"

Yes, of course. TSL remains a part of our product range. Just request it from any of our distribution partners. However, we will soon introduce the next generation of casement window hardware to meet the forthcoming CE marking requirements.

Roto products are German-designed, and made only in the EU. To be sure you get the genuine article and the real advantages that come with it, look for the logo.

All our hardware is branded. The Roto logo is always stamped on the faceplate. Quite simply, if it doesn't say Roto, then it isn't.
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